Top 8 Major Scientific Achievements of 2017

Every year the world becomes a little bit more perfect. The changes are becoming more palpable, and 2017 is a very vivid proof of that. Last year was a huge number of scientific discoveries and in this article, we will consider the most important of them. These achievements will have a significant impact on all areas of our life and will determine the main vectors of development in 2018.

  • 1. Achievements of artificial intelligence

Last May, the DeepMind artificial intelligence, which belongs to Google, has beaten the five best players in the world in “Go”-game. For the first time, he won a man back in 2016. This logical board game involved with a deep strategic thinking. It originated in Ancient China, according to various estimates, from 2 to 5 thousand years ago.

Later, on July 11, Google’s department for artificial intelligence DeepMind published an article in which they told how its experts have taught algorithms to adapt to a complex and changing environment.

  • 2. New technologies allow growing human organs

Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine is currently leading projects to grow human organs and tissues. On May 1, achievements were made in the field of regenerative medicine, which can help in the repair of nerve damage and even grow entire limbs and internal organs.

  • 3. New vertices of gene editing

The CRISPR gene technology was applied to the human body last June. This technology is the best available technique for editing genes. Scientists say that now science has received a more sharp and accurate “scalpel” for gene surgery. This happened because of the synthesizing of the previously non-existent enzyme. A new study aimed to remove human papillomavirus (HPV) in 60 women by applying a gel containing the necessary DNA coding for the cervix to disable the tumour growth mechanism.

Also, on July 27, in Portland, Oregon, scientists made a new discovery in the gene editing sphere. Using CRISPR, they successfully removed the gene from the human embryo, which was associated with heart disease.

  • 4. The most powerful quantum computer was created

July 28 at the International Conference on Quantum Technologies a record 51-qubit quantum computer was presented, opening the way for new applications of technology. It seemed fantastic even yesterday – quantum computers, capable to overtake all existing devices. With their power, they will help open new horizons for humanity.

  • 5. Metal hydrogen generation

January 27, scientists have created the new element – the metallic hydrogen, applying nearly five million atmospheres of pressure to liquid hydrogen. In its metallic state, hydrogen can act like a real superconductor, the technology will revolutionize many areas – from energy storage to rocketry.

  • 6. SpaceX re-launched the “spent” rocket

On March 30, SpaceX successfully launched into orbit and landed the previously used Falcon 9. This has increased the availability of space launches and could save more than $18 million for each launch.

  • 7. Artificial uterus was created

Doctors of the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital managed to simulate the female uterus using a synthetic device to eliminate the mortality and disease of prematurely born children under 37 weeks old. The experiment was carried out on a newborn lamb and was fully confirmed on April 26, 2017.

  • 8. The best planet for extraterrestrial life was found

On April 19, scientists from the European Organization of Astronomical Research found the most favorable for life exoplanet. LHS 1140b was found in the inhabited zone of a dim star at 40 light years from Earth.