TOP 10 most successful businessmen of 2017

In 2017, the world’s richest people have earned a record capital in history. This was facilitated by a number of factors: the boom in the stock market in the US, the rise in oil prices and the sustainable development of the real estate market in China.

The Forbes was monitoring over 2,000 billionaires during the year. As a result, 10 businessmen who earned more than others in the year increased their capital by 204 billion dollars, compared with 74.7 billion dollars last year.

The list is headed by Jeff Bezos, who since October holds the title of the richest man in the world. His capital, due to the rapid growth of Amazon shares, grew by 33.8 billion dollars during the year. Besides Bezos, the list includes two other residents of the United States. The other figures of the rating represent different countries. Among them is the Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani. Thanks to the rise in the price of the shares of the conglomerate Reliance Industries, for the first time in five years he entered the list of top 20 richest people on the planet.


Jeff Bezos

Total Capital: $98.6 B

Annual increase: + $33.8 B

This year was remarkable for Amazon and its founder. The company’s shares rose 60% over the year. In late October, after the publication of an optimistic report for the third quarter, Amazon shares soared by 13% in one day.


On October 26, Jeff Bezos became a 7 billion dollar richer for a few hours and ranked first in the list of the richest people in the world.  Now he confidently holds this title.


Xu Jiayin

Total Capital: $36,5 B

Annual increase: + $27,4 B


The richest in the world owner of real estate since the beginning of the year has increased its status by 4 times. Xu Jiayin achieved such success at the expense of the growth of shares of his company Evergrande Group by 400%. The growth was ensured by the publication of a successful report for the first half of the year: the company’s revenue increased by 115%, and net profit by 224%.

Evergrande Group owns residential and commercial property in more than 200 Chinese cities. Also, he owns Evergrande Health, which, together with the American Women’s Hospital Brigham, is working to improve the health-care system in China.

Bernard Arnault

Total Capital: $40,3 B

Annual increase: + $23,6 B


Arno is one of the most influential people in the fashion world. Financial success in 2017 was brought to him by Christian Dior shares. After they have risen by 52% during the year, the share of Arno is estimated at 47 billion dollars.


Also, the businessman owns shares of the luxury goods conglomerate-manufacturer LVMH. Arno has run this company since 1989. Throughout the year, LVMH shares, which controls 70 elite brands, including Dom Perignon, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton and Tag Heuer, have risen in price by 35%.


Mark Zuckerberg

Total Capital: $72 B

Annual increase: + $23,5 B


The Facebook company has been developing steadily this year. The growth of mobile advertising has provided its shares with an increase of almost 60%.


Mark Zuckerberg, together with his wife Priscilla Chan, announced at the end of 2015 that they are giving 99% of their Facebook shares to charity. At the same time, the founder of the company asked to release special shares for him, which could allow him to continue to control Facebook.


However, in September, Zuckerberg, who founded Facebook at the age of 19, decided to abandon this venture. The 33-year-old billionaire reported that he would be more actively involved in charity, selling over 1.5 years from 35 million to 75 million shares of Facebook.


Ma Huateng

Total Capital: $44,3 B

Annual increase: + $21,8 B


The Chairman of the Chinese technological holding Tencent in recent years steadily increases the state. His company owns the most popular instant messenger in China WeChat with an audience of more than 960 million users.

Tencent actively invested in Snapchat even before the IPO, and in November decided to buy 12% of the shares of parent company Snap. Despite the drop in shares of Snap by 35%, for the Tencent this year was successful: its securities became more expensive by more than 100%.


Mukesh Ambani

Total Capital: $41,1 B

Annual increase: + $18 B


Ambani in 2010 ranked 4th among the richest people in the world. But then his business started to decline, and now for the first time in five years, he returned to the top 20 of the richest people on the planet. His rise is primarily related to the 65% growth of the company Reliance Industries shares price, which thrives due to the margin growth of the petrochemical business.

In addition, Reliance Industries began operating in the promising Indian telecommunications market. For this purpose, the company Jio, which provides affordable communication services for business, was created. Last September, it launched a 4G service, which is now used by 146 million customers.


Carlos Slim

Total Capital: $65,1 B

Annual increase: + $15,3 B


The richest Mexican last time appeared on top of Forbes rating in 2011.  Last autumn, the shares of his telecom company America Movil reached the all-time minimum after a long 13-month fall.

After that, the company began to recover. At the beginning of this year, the Mexican peso strengthened, and America Movil unveiled a promising report for the first quarter. The Slim’s company is the main supplier of wireless communication and pay-TV in Latin America. During the year 2017, its shares went up by 50%. Carlos Slim also owns 50% of the New York Times, the shares of which have shown the best growth since 2013.


Yang Huiyan

Total Capital: $22,8 B

Annual increase: + $14,8 B


The richest woman in Asia in 2017 due to the rapid development of the real estate market in China increased her state three times. Yang owns 57% of the Chinese developer Country Garden Holdings, whose shares in the current year rose by 201%.

Most of the state of Yang Huiyan inherited from her father Yang Guoqiang, founder of the Country Garden Group. In 2007, the company entered the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Now it is engaged in 384 projects in different countries of the world. Since 1997, its sales have reached 3 million houses.


Larry Ellison

Total Capital: $61 B

Annual increase: + $13,3 B


In 1977, Ellison founded the software manufacturer Oracle. He was able to turn the company into one of the largest players in the market with a capitalization of 202 billion dollars. Its shares continue to grow even after 40 years.

Over the past year, Oracle securities have risen in price by 30%. However, the company recently admitted that its cloud business brought less revenue than originally expected. Against the backdrop of this news, shares fell 4%, while Allison lost $2 billion.

François Pinault

Total Capital: $27,3 B

Annual increase: + $12,5 B


In November, an unknown buyer in New York paid a record amount of 450 million for one of the few surviving paintings of Leonardo De Vinci — Salvator Mundi (Savior of the World). Bidding was conducted by the auction house Christie’s owned by Francois Pinault. It is one of several costly assets of billionaire and his family.

The international group Kering, which owns such brands as Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, belongs to the Pinault. This year, the company’s shares rose by 80%, primarily due to a sharp increase in sales of Gucci.