The best assets to invest in 2018

2017 brought the maximum profit (up to 6000%) to those who invested in crypto-currencies, but a lot of people are still not sure about the reliability of such investments. In this regard, Bloomberg experts have drawn up a rating of “traditional” assets, investments in which brought in 2017 to investors the greatest profit and the largest losses.

Among the “usual” currencies, the leader was the Mozambican metical – its rate to the US dollar during 2017 increased by 21%. Interestingly, back in 2005, the currency of Mozambique was considered the weakest in the world, but later it has lost the “title” and gave it to the Zimbabwean dollar. The second place in the list of the most profitable currencies was shared by the Czech Koruna and the Polish Zloty, whose rates rose by 18%.

Uzbek sum depreciated the most – the official rate of it has collapsed on 60%, that is more than doubled. In early September the CB of Uzbekistan lowered the rate of the national currency immediately from 4210 UZS to 8100 UZS per dollar. Thus, the largest denomination (50 000) now costs slightly more than $6.

Among people who prefer to invest in raw materials, the greatest profit was received by those who invested in palladium in early 2017. The value of this metal, which is usually used in jewellery and exhaust control system, during the year increased by 54% ($680 – $1060). Prices for aluminium and copper added 29% during the year, which Bloomberg experts associate with confirmed world economic forecasts and expectations of growth in the consumption of non-ferrous metals. At the same time, investments in natural gas and food assets (sugar, coffee, soybeans) caused losses.

Among the securities with the highest yield was shown by the government bonds of Greece (about 60%), Belize (38.7%), Argentina (30%), Salvador (29%) and Angola (28.9%), as well as corporate bonds Dutch Ajecorp (+82.8%) And American Chinos Intermediate Holdings A (+79%) and Pinnacle operating Corporation (+76.6%). The biggest losses were among the owners of Venezuelan bonds (up to minus 55%), as well as Cenveo Corp bonds (minus 70.6%), FGI operating (minus 67.3%) and Concordia International (minus 59.5%).

The best results among corporate bonds were shown by the Indonesian energy company, and the worst result had a Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht SA, which turned out to be embroiled in a corruption scandal.

Talking about stock indices, the greatest growth in 2017 was shown by the Ukrainian UX (+80%), which, according to Bloomberg experts, is connected with the expectations for the economic recovery of Ukraine and large-scale rally in emerging markets, which was caused by the influx of investor assets into developing countries in the hope of a higher yield. Stock indexes also rose significantly in Kazakhstan (+64%) and Mongolia (+63%). At the same time, the stock indices of Pakistan, Qatar and Oman have decreased – 22%, 16.5% and 9% respectively. Sharp growth of the stock index of the Venezuelan exchange (+ 3865%) Bloomberg experts have refused to take into account, associating it exclusively with depreciation bolivar.

Experts noted that the greatest growth was shown by risky investments, that is why it is better to pay attention to this kind of assets in 2018.