176.000 lightning strikes in one night around Queensland

During the night of 29/30 October 2017, residents of one of the largest states of Australia witnessed an amazing picture. They admit that they still cannot understand what has fallen on Queensland. Many at that moment seriously thought that the end of the world came, others called it a divine miracle.

So what really has happened? What has impressed everyone so much?

Queensland was hit by an incredible storm that struck with its scope, duration, wind force and, most importantly, lightning. Experts counted more than 176,000 lightning, which is an undeniable world record. This light show lifted thousands of Australians from the bed, practically no one could sleep peacefully in such a situation.

Local authorities expected the arrival of this storm. Queensland’s Bureau of Meteorology has warned people about the threat. Residents were advised to stay indoors, park cars undercover and hide loose outer objects. But these recommendations could not completely save the state. The storm damaged a number of houses and left thousands without electricity. People saw how the wind tore the centennial trees from the root. Fortunately, there are no human victims.

Of course, this event was not even close to the tropical cyclone Debby, which hit Australia this March. Debbie was recognized as the strongest cyclone in the last 6 years in this region. That time, about 63 thousand homes in Queensland were left without electricity. This time, the number is about 4 thousand.

Against this background, the AUD/USD currency pair feels suddenly confident. It even has closed on a small rising on Monday, but the technical studies are still bearish.

The number of such disasters keeps rising. Experts think that an excessive oil production is the main reason for such increase. But the saddest fact is that the CO2 level in the air is growing rapidly despite a reduction in emissions.

In these conditions, the fulfilment of the conditions of the Paris climate agreement is very important. This agreement presupposes short-term and long-term actions of each participating country to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and actions to eliminate existing problems. Naturally, these actions are aimed at the long-term benefit but bear short-term difficulties for enterprises.

President Trump announced some time ago, that the US is leaving the Paris Climate Agreement. He insists on drawing up a new agreement on more favourable conditions for the United States. These disagreements are an alarming sign for the planet. We must immediately take active action, otherwise, the number of natural disasters will only grow.

Now the passions around the storm in Queensland have subsided a little and the locals are beginning to joke about the night adventure. One of the most popular jokes says, that it was the large-scale advertising campaign of the Thor: Ragnarok film. Well, jokes are a good sign. We hope that everything else will be restored as quickly as the mood of Australians.