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What’s the smartest thing you can do with the money you’ve saved up until now? Do you allow it to hibernate in your savings account with less than 1% interest? Or perhaps you’re considering investing in the real estate market essentially forcing your hand to part with the liquid capital at your disposal while making you wait many-a-year until you see returns (if at all). One way or the other, if you have over £100,000 or more, you may be happy to hear that there’s a better alternative.

Many people don’t realise that the most profitable method to invest nowadays is in money markets with a financial advisor.

This type of investment outlet ensures that your money is invested wisely and safely in financial markets, allowing you to enjoy the potential for high returns and ongoing liquidity minus the long drawn out waiting periods, paying commissions or additional fees. This method is better known as: ‘investment portfolio management’ and is available to anyone who has money.

Why should you invest your money with a portfolio manager?

Investments in financial markets enable you to enjoy a wide array of investment options, which are accompanied by a high yield potential and varying levels of risk optimised to each investor or trader needs. Also, unlike other less flexible investment channels (IE. Real estate), portfolio management in financial markets is both flexible and is also a liquid investment alternative, that enables you to collect profits at any given moment. Additional advantages that come with investing in money markets include:

  • Customizing investment portfolios to the client’s trading needs
  • A wide range of securities: bonds, shares, deposits, ETFs, mutual funds, foreign currency (forex), worldwide indices, currency pairs and more.
  • A quality portfolio management with proven results while adapting to our economy’s ever-changing market conditions.
  • The ability to create profits, even when markets are plummeting.
  • Receiving ongoing advice with regards to your investment in money markets
  • Identifying investment opportunities in the international economic arena

Investing in the financial markets- why now?

The unfortunate truth is that the 1% interest rates that many of the world’s central banks have instituted over the past few years have created a situation whereby the savings accounts offered by those same banks rarely provide any real value when considering the money that’s been set aside.

The result: a type of comatose savings accounts that your bank all but forgot about. On the other hand, investing money in long-term investment channels (such as the real estate market) can turn your liquidity into heavy, sluggish building blocks whose real value may not come to fruition until several years down the line. But even if real estate does in fact garner real value, it could take several years before for the money you invested becomes liquid again.

The alternative: All the factors above and more make investing in financial markets the most logical choice you can make. This is due in large part to its instant profit potential.

Be advised that in order to intelligently manage investment portfolios and increase returns, consider consulting with a financial advisor. That is unless you decide to learn it all on your own; which is also a smart option.