Business Investing

Gaining financial freedom through passive incomes

Did you know, that there are only two types of people in this world? The people of the first type work for money and can’t imagine another life. The people of the second type mastered the art of letting money work for them. Of course, there are hybrids of these two types, but the main idea is clear. Which type is yours? It depends on two factors: how much income you get per year and how much personal freedom do you operate living a lifestyle of your choice.

You belong to the first category if you wake up every morning to go work at someone else’s company. You live from day to day, from month to month, from year to year. Your monthly income is fixed and determined by your boss. In some situations, when there is no official policy, and where rationality and logic are involved in the attestation, the man falling into these categories can in some way influence on the amount of their salary with help of bonuses and promotions. But the value of that bonuses and promotions still determined by bosses, so if you have a personal disagreement with your boss, you should not expect them.

But there are also benefits in such way of life. First of all, it is stable, secure income, social security covers, health insurance. Some companies provide the access to company savings plan and even the access to advance salaries in hard times. Don’t forget about a huge amount of careerist, which see climbing the career ladder as the goal of their lives.

Let’s take a view now on the second type of people, which decided to turn things around. We usually name them “money makers” and they are entrepreneurs, businessmen, investors and other economy monsters. They do not allow anyone to decide how much they earn this month or how much time they spend in working.

These people face risks every day, because without risks their lifestyle is impossible. They decide where to invest today to take the biggest profit tomorrow. They are masters of money making without the need of their physical presence. It does not matter whether you are old or young, if you decided to work for yourself, you are the man of the second type. It can be a small start-up with great perspectives or it can be actively investing, such as forex, commodities or stock trading. The last one is very popular, because online trading can be provided from your home. Successfully, there are a lot of online brokerage services. We are used to perceive the bidding as something that requires physical presence, but today we can invest in, for example, such commodities, as oil, gold or cereals through the futures markets and reap big benefits without physically being present at the futures markets.

There are however some differences between people inside the second type. The main difference is in involving in the process. Some are active and some are passive, but both get their income. Active ones are those, who run their startups and businesses by themselves. Of course, to earn every penny they need to do something by themselves. Passive ones are those, who learned the art of choosing right investing channels and make money on someone else actions.

This art is not very easy. There are a lot of possibilities: we have stock markets, we have mutual funds, unit trusts, venture capital and private equity funds and, of course, forex market. Usually, investors allocate their incomes through these investment avenues to get maximal profit. And when their funds are allocated, they just sit and wait for results. Day to day they make intelligent decisions where to invest this time using a lot of markets indicates and expert opinions. The most brokerage services offer financial consultations, that help investors to adjust their investment portfolio based on last economic trends.

One of the most popular investing area is Forex, because you only need a computer or a mobile device to install online trading software and a good internet connection to start trading. Of course, you need to learn some basic things before starting, but there is nothing impossible! And the most wonderful thing is the possibility to combine your regular job with trading, because the global market works all-day-long!

So, it does not matter, to the first category you belong, or to the second. You still have a possibility to influence on your profit value. Your lifestyle and financial freedom are determined by the decisions you make every day. Perhaps it’s time to receive passive income? Place your life on the “stop” button, identify your risk appetite, get financial advice from an expert and start your financial rising! You may have your dreams will come tomorrow.