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Can’t beat successful investors? Join them

A new social trading strategy for profit-seekers is taking the internet by storm.

Back in 2001, Claude Grumley invested $250 into an up-and-coming online company called Amazon. That was right before their stock skyrocketed to an astonishing 2,390%. Then in 2003, he took his fortune and invested it in Apple just a few months before a product called the iPhone hit stores boosting their stock a mind blowing 4,354%. Those two investments alone earned him $8.3 M dollars in returns.

Now just imagine going back to that fateful day in 2001 when he made his initial $250 investment in the Amazon. Just think what would have happened if you matched his investment with $250 of your own, then copied every trade he has made since. If you did that, you would also be sitting on 8.3 M.

Although we can’t go back in time, a new social network could be your second chance. That’s because while Claude is investing in the next ‘Apple’, a new social network, allows you not only to see his trades but to copy them as well. That’s because of every day, investors like Claude place profitable short term trades on all sorts of assets like currencies and commodities. And a new social trading network provided is giving you a chance to join them.

Thanks to Social Trading network, you can attach your money to the daily trades of investors like Claude. It means that when he trades his money, you trade your money on the same assets automatically. That way when he makes a profit, you make a profit too. Just in case you are sceptical, simply consider the following: Carla Winger from Ottawa deposited $500 two months ago. Since then, she has attached her investment to Claude’s and has raked in $12,660 (a daily salary of $211). Meanwhile, Joachim from Cologne Germany makes roughly $284 a day, and it all started with one small investment of just $250 over two years ago.

Now for the best part-you too can join these twenty-something retirees too. All you need to do is sign up for the social trading network. Then, simply make an initial deposit, select an analyst like Claude, and try to collect profits by copying their trades. If you do profit, the trader you select takes a nominal commission on your winnings if you do profit indeed. This makes Social Trading a win-win. To join the social trading network, simply fill out the form on this page and follow the easy instructions. Then, choose from a list of successful traders, copy one and try to grow your profits.

Now is your chance to find out about the next big stock from an up and coming trader with a new social trading network.