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3 Investing Ideas for Fempreneurs 

Leaving the comfortable and secure job and changing it to the uncertain and unpredictable entrepreneurship is the hardest decision in the life of every woman, which decided to become a fempreneur. Usually they face the hard reality, in which everything depends on their entrepreneurial pursuit. Over time, many understand the benefits of investing, which can help every businesswoman to increase their profits and open more income sources.
Usually fempreneurs invest their money in their startups and SMEs, forgetting about other areas, that could help them open up multiple streams of income. This article will open your eyes on three potentially profitable areas of investment. 

  1. The Safe Bet 

    People usually associate investing with a rollercoaster ride, where you have a huge profit in one moment and a huge loss in another. But, in fact, it can be a quite stable and balanced activity if you take risks into account. You can choose a safe path and still earn stable amount, increasing your rates time to time.

    Which investing we can name one of the safest? Of course, it will be a zero-coupon bonds, which are also one of the easiest and fastest. 

    How it works? Buying a Zero-coupon bonds means buying bonds at a discount to the repayment amount. Regular bonds pay you an interest, while zero-bonds are not. But you have a guarantee of your investment return when it reaches its’ maturity price. 

    For example, you buy a Zero-coupon $1000 bond for $500, with a discount. Then, year to year, its’ value increases until it reaches maturity whenyou are paid $1000 for your investment. 

  2. Speculative Investments 

    Not all women, especially fempreneurs, enjoy calm and stable life. Some of them prefer the excitement and exaltation of active investments. But, of course, they also don’t want to loose. The best opportunity for this type of women will be Forex, options, futures another types of trading. It is, perhaps, the best way to earn money without sacrificing the thrills of active investments. Businesswoman, which will choose a high risk, can get high payoffs from speculative investments. 

    Let’s get a little insight. Forex trading offers you to plunge into the currency area and earn money on the changes in dynamics of the value of countries currencies. You can buy perspective startups using Penny stocks. Options allow you to earn money off a company without buying or owning the shares of the company. 

    David Becker, an analyst at well known forex broker mentioned, that potential speculative investors certainly have to invest in their education. According to his statement, it is important to know about types of accounts, futures market, and forex signals before you begin investing. And, of course, you should know everything about risks and how to avoid them. 

  3. Contrarian Investing 

    It allows to feel the smell of money, when others are running for the exits. It will be suitable to brave-hearted fempreneurs, because only brave-hearted people can invest in the great companies, that have a troubled period in their life cycles.Here is important to pay attention to the history of the price-to-earnings ratio and book value to clear up whether a firm is trading in line with its fair value or otherwise. 

    Otherwise, a business, that looks like fundamental, might see a slump in its share price caused by a problem with a product or a service, a lawsuit or a mistake in its operations. To find the unique opportunity to invest in the stocks of the fundamentally sound business while the others have lost all hope, you need to do a huge investigating homework. 

    The fempreneurs’ nature pushes them to make such type of investment. Fempreneuring is a quite difficult style of life, especially in a moral point of view. The society sees women only like a stay-at-home mom or a careerist. So, choosing the entrepreneurship is a move against the system, aswell as the contrarian investment is a move against the classic view on investment. 

    My experience and the experience of my friends helped me to make a conclusion, that one of the fastest ways to earn a big amount of money is to make smart investments. But there is very important to perceive investment not like gambling. The main rule in this area is “invest only in that kind of business, which you understand”. Make it a key factor of your investing strategy and you’ll succeed.